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About Us

Digitronix Solutions working as HostNip provides hosting services for customers who need a safe and reliable place to store and host their data. Our job is to provide you with the best and most efficient way of web hosting, fully customizable VPS, or if you need more powered choose from any of our dedicated servers to start your small business, and much more. We support our customers in every way, we provide them with the best software's and develop our own to fulfill all the customers with satisfaction.

Our Skills & Expertise

We have an extensive knowledge-base, one of the best in the web hosting industry. Our customer community team members are continuously monitoring the Help Center and are always willing to answer any questions you may have along with sharing the latest updates from the web hosting world.

Whether you're a passionate individual or small business, our affordable web hosting services give you the flexibility to build everything from a simple landing page to a full-blown eCommerce site.

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We're here to help your small business or remote work team.